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Welcome to PGHR Consulting, Inc. 

Can’t find the right people for your jobs?
PGHR can help you define your needs and develop a staffing plan and search for and get the best match for your organization.

Your best people leaving?
PGHR can help you develop policies and programs that can help the best people want to work for you!

Click to learn more about how you can create a Positive Work Culture that will attract the best people, keep them motivated, and encourage them to stay.

People problems costing you profit dollars?
PGHR can help you resolve those employee relations issues using proven best practices and techniques.

Does your business plan tap the power of your workforce?
PGHR can help you think strategically in your HR functions and connect these strategies to the business so they add value and contribute to your bottom line results.

Check out our Services page for an overview of ways we can help you succeed.

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